C-stores adapt to their markets in the zaniest ways possible.

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Last week we provided a survey of five one-of-a-kind convenience stores with their own distinct (to say the least) looks and interesting (that’s one way of putting it) back stories. As you can probably guess, though, given the “10” in the title of the post, we only got halfway through our list. So let’s not waste anymore time. Here are numbers 1 through 5 (in reverse order) of our ten must-see convenience stores from around the world, each serving their customers in their own distinct, and sometimes zany, ways.

5. Convenience Store and Nagakin Capsule Tower

Nakagin-sideview-oct4-2015When walking out of this particular convenience store, you need to be careful that a giant empty Kleenex box doesn’t fall on your head. Wait! Those aren’t empty boxes! They’re living quarters in one of Tokyo’s most distinct places of residence—the Nagakin Capsule Tower! This unique building was constructed in the early 1970s, and is made up of identical prefabricated capsules affixed to two concrete stanchions. And if Nakagin’s residents ever get derided by relatives for living in such a quirky spot, they can always seek solace in a cold soda or bag of chips from the little business downstairs. Photo by Nesnad.

4. De Klenge Buttik

Liefrange – De klenge Buttik 2017You never know when you’re going to need to stop at De Klenge Buttik, in Liefrange, Luxembourg. A veritable palace of selection, complete with a silhouette of a goat, De Klenge Buttik showcases the luxury and tidiness for which Luxembourg is famous. But seriously, this little roadside shop, serving food items in vending machines, is an easy stopping point for drivers passing through one of the lovelier parts of Luxembourg. Photo by Cayambe.

3. Non-Convenience Store, Siberia

Petrol station in siberiaAh, Siberia. Balmy, sunny, and home to an open, Mediterranean style of living. Sort of. This little operation is near the town of Yakutsk, a small port city on the Lena River in an extremely remote area of northeastern Russia. While the business doesn’t feature fresh pastries, hot coffee, or a hot dog grill, at least it has gasoline – which allows you to get somewhere that does! Photo by Natxo Rodriguez.

2. Gas Station and Convenience Store, Bali

Petrol station BaliAs with the previous entry, this little business doesn’t exactly have a lottery selection, expansive racks of candy, or frappuccinos. But heck, if you’re in rural Bali, just being able to purchase gasoline is pretty intrinsically convenient! Perhaps that’s why this youthful entrepreneur is sporting such a proud smile. Where Chevrons and Shells haven’t erected massive operations with sodium arc lights and subterranean tanks, energetic merchants like this kid step in to take care of things. Now that’s entrepreneurship! Photo by Mosmas.

1. Convenience Store Slash Apartment, Krabi, Thailand

Ko lanta petrol stationThis business, located on the southwest coast of Thailand, has it all. You can pick up a soda bottle full of gasoline, or, yeah, soda. You can grab a propane tank or ice cream. If you like the store a lot, you can even move in. And why wouldn’t you? This little convenience store is located in Krabi, Thailand, an area with gorgeous beaches, a nearly seasonless climate, a strong tourism industry, and plenty of natural scenery to boot. Grab a soda bottle full of unleaded gasoline, and make Krabi your home. You won’t (or will) regret it! Photo by Lamacchiacosta.

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