The 2023 Sunoco Brand Show included an opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with long-time users.

Since its humble beginnings in 1905 (and its Bugsy Siegel-fueled re-birth, starting in 1941), Las Vegas has grown into the capital of trade shows and conference culture in the United States. It’s a fact that more than one annual convention with rotating venues has changed to Vegas permanently, just because attendance numbers climb so steeply when the show is in town.

There are any number of impressive regional events in our industry, targeted at the needs of the customers in their own localities, but if you’re going to do a national show, it’s hard to beat Nevada’s largest city. It’s not just the world of attractions, amenities, and food options that await attendees after they’re finished on the floor—things always seem bigger and more exciting when they happen in Vegas.

For our attending SSCS team, the 2023 Sunoco Brand Show at the ARIA Resort & Casino Convention Center was certainly no exception, although our professionals found themselves more focused on the energy inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, around the SSCS booth.

The show is a great chance to explore the latest trends in the petroleum industry and network with industry professionals. But it’s unique in that we have a long relationship providing technology to c-stores operating under the Sunoco brand, including those in the petroleum company’s APlus c-store program. So while we’re always looking to connect with prospects, and did plenty of chatting with them at the show, the event also provided a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships we already have in place with Sunoco dealers.

In addition to our sales representative, members of our sales and training departments participated in the show. Sunoco customers, often experienced with our software, tend to ask relatively complex questions, so it proved handy to have experts on hand to answer them. Since we’ve been supporting some Sunoco dealers for over 12 years, it proved an apt approach.

“It was an eye opener to discuss our software and go over operational details with some of our power users,” one of our support team members commented. “When you get into live discussions with an operator that is using the software to its fullest, it’s pretty amazing to hear, in detail, all the ways our software is helping them.”

The Sunoco show showcased some of Sunoco’s top products and services, along with industry-related seminars and presentations. They were uniformly excellent, but it was re-connecting with customers we’ve known for years that really made it a memorable event. Thanks for the opportunity, Sunoco, and we’ll see you next year!