Our support technicians are truly road warriors. Take a look at a typical day.

Most of the time your day starts early in the morning, before the sun comes up, accompanied by a tumbler of coffee or an energy drink or any other ritual you use to help engage the waking process.

Over in a corner of a room, the bags—with perhaps a piece or two of tech mixed in for good measure—are packed and ready. In a few minutes they’ll be placed into the hatch of your car, accompanying you for a ride to the airport, where the weather might be radically different than your final destination. (Be mindful of the clothes you pack!)

As for your flight, it may well be full of surprises. Depending upon the season, air travel can be fraught with weather delays and missed connections, strung out over thousands of miles. And carrying computer equipment, especially something as exotic as a hand-held scanning device (or two!), does nothing to streamline the check-in process.

That’s okay, though. You’ve experienced it before, on a regular basis, which has forged you into the road warrior you are—a seasoned pro with a system for getting things done. You have your own little tricks to keep you fresh and ready, like the uncanny ability to sleep soundly on a plane. And fresh and ready you must be, because you’re not on vacation; you’re on a mission.

You’re an SSCS support technician out in the field, and you are about to make the future of a c-store considerably brighter: you’re going to help them get up-and-running with SSCS Software.

Upon your arrival, after a (not necessarily) good night’s rest in a local hotel, you’ll meet your brand new customer(s) and their staff first thing in the morning. It will be the start of an eventful day, but you’re ready. You’ve had an in-depth chat with the customer ahead of time to get them ready for your arrival and had support team members help you out with the pre-work that will allow you to hit the ground running minutes after you step inside the c-store doors.

Which is when the real action begins for an SSCS technician, who is there to ensure site managers and their staff members understand the benefits of our software in the exact context they will be using it every day. Our strong preference is to be present at a store’s opening (or when the new SSCS system is installed), to keep an eye on things and make sure everything is working as expected, including technologies meant to interface with our CDB back office. Only then do we go home.

After the day is over, support technicians find any number of ways to unwind. The attraction of going to parts of the country to which they’ve never been before is compelling, whether it’s looking for a restaurant featuring delicious local cuisine for (often recommended by c-store staff), or doing a little sightseeing, the inspiration for our Postcards from SSCS blog series. With a long enough layover a tech can even catch a ballgame. Then it’s back to work the next morning, and following a detailed plan laid out by SSCS beforehand, as many other mornings as it takes—until the SSCS customer is primed and ready to run efficiently and profitably. When the mission’s accomplished, a safe return home is the best possible reward.

Our Support Department is acknowledged for their thorough and personal approach to assisting customers, both at the help desk, and out in the field. Because our techs move back and forth between both, they gain a rounded perspective: a rarity in our business.

Ask our customers time and time again about what makes SSCS special, and they’ll invariably say it’s our approach to support. It’s human! And effective. And if you want to find out—let’s get the process started! Call (800) 972-7727. Let’s talk!