Our installer/technicians help customers throughout the country. In their spare time, they’ve become chroniclers of their travels.

As SSCS installer/technicians travel the corners of the county helping customers, they experience an amazing variety of regions and localities—from travel guide-featured metropolitan centers to unincorporated stretches you might know existed.

In their spare time, some of our techs like to indulge their photographic impulses. Sometimes they’re generous enough to share them with the blog. These form the basis for an series we run from time to time called, Postcards from SSCS. Now that we’re almost halfway through 2022, and people are moving around the country a little more freely, it seemed the right time to publish a new set. So let’s get started!

New York, New York

Let’s start off with an iconic American city, maybe the iconic American city, New York, New York. This view overlooking the Hudson River toward the skyline on a clear day, commuter ferry in view, does a nice job of framing springtime in Manhattan.

Whirligig Park, Wilson, North Carolina

That’s right, whirligigs! You may not have heard of the Whirligig Park and Museum right in downtown Wilson, North Carolina, but now you have! The brainchild of one man, Vollis Simpson, who conceptualized and built every contraption spanning its acres, its unique craftsmanship and mechanical genius is fully explored on the attraction’s official web page.

Monument Valley, Utah

In certain parts of the country the raw majesty of the natural world bumps up right up against the necessities of commerce. It makes for a potentially breath-taking combination, as you can see from the above photo, with no lack of market distinction!

Monument Valley is a remote escape full of breathtaking landscapes—formations that can date back tens of millions of years—unlike anything else in the U.S. For cool pictures and more information, check out the Canyon County website.

Ripples of Change Monument, Seneca Falls, New York

We thought we’d close out mini-tour of the country by coming back to New York, not in the big city this time, but way upstate in Seneca Falls. Up there life is slower paced and hearkens back to an earlier time. The buildings in the background of the above photo on the other side of Van Cleef Lake reflect that. So do the statues: they celebrate key figures in the women’s suffrage movement, part of the “Ripples of Change” monument in Seneca Falls.


Well, that about wraps it up for now but as we move through summer and fall, we’ll keep soliciting images from our team in the field and curating them for your enjoyment!

[1] Seneca Falls is known as the “birthplace of women’s suffrage.”