The release of CDB 7.5.27 headlined a busy end of year for SSCS.

Several notable developments marked the last quarter of 2021 for SSCS. To keep you up to date, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Computerized Daily Book 7.5.27

The newest release of the Computerized Daily Book (CDB), our flagship back office system for convenience stores, is currently in the process of rolling out to our customer base.

We’ve included a number of new features that make our inventory reports easier to filter down to specific areas of interest, including the ability to search on small sets or individual UPCs, tailoring the management of inventory to the needs of the user. Similarly, we’ve made it easier for Paidout reports to be filtered by vendors or sets of vendors. There’s a lot more, too, which SSCS users can find by logging onto the Portal and clicking on Enhancements.

Lottery Management

Our Lottery Management application, now running version 2.5.1, is in release to our customer base. The software helps speed up shift audits and add precision to scratcher sales tracking through a number of easy to use features.

Lottery Management works with the Datalogic Memor 10 handheld device running the Android OS, as well as Android and iOS-based Smartphones. It can be downloaded from a device like any Smartphone software. (A management component runs in the CDB back office with administrative tools and reports).

Hand-Held Software (for the SSCS Inventory Management System)

Our Hand-Held Software (HHS) for scanning and management of deliveries and inventory has been running on the Android OS-based Memor 10 device (like our Lottery Management application) for over a year. HHS is an integral part of SSCS’s overall Inventory Management software.

The last quarter of 2021 featured several impactful additions to the software including two-factor authentication and the ability to use the device’s resident camera to scan as an alternative to the Memor 10’s built-in infrared scanner. SSCS customers can access a complete list of release features on the SSCS Portal.

If you’re reading this and have questions about these or any other SSCS products, please feel free to give us a call at 800-972-7727.