A seasonal note of gratitude from SSCS.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

The retail petroleum industry continues to adapt to the shifting dynamics and preferences of the market. Convenience stores have practiced continual innovation to satisfy consumers, which has fueled their success and driven market growth in the face of some formidable economic challenges.

Being part of a robust industry with a solid foundation is something for which we, at SSCS, certainly don’t take for granted. The industry has shown its adeptness time and again to move past obstacles and come out the better for it. We’re all part of a long-term success story with unconstrained potential for the future.

So we’re thankful for that, and we’re thankful for the many professionals of which we’ve made acquaintance over the past 40 years: c-store operators, suppliers, distributors, and all the other businesses that make the convenience store channel a modern success story. Most of all, we’re thankful to our customers who are a consistent source of support and help point the way forward, a constant reminder that the best is yet to come.