At SSCS, different instructional approaches reflect the different needs of c-store operators.

SSCS provides a variety of training methods because everyone’s knowledge needs are different and will almost certainly change over time. Multiple instructional approaches also allow us to be nimble in deploying instruction; for example, it gave us options to teach customers effectively even when traveling was severely restricted.

From classroom training that sets a solid foundation of understanding for new store staff, to intensive one-on-one training sessions for power users, here’s a quick overview of the different forms SSCS Training takes.

Classroom Training

SSCS classroom training takes place regularly in our Salinas headquarters. The fundamentals of our technology are taught in an environment that includes directed hands-on experience with PCs running SSCS software, handheld scanners, and fuel dispenser feeds, for starters.

Onsite Training

In cases where classroom training is not an option, onsite training provided by our seasoned professionals provides an option that includes, at your site, the same material and exercises as traditional classroom training.

Online Training

SSCS online training allows customers to learn from the convenience of any computer with a secure internet connection. Instructors operate the programs remotely after you connect. Several types are available:

  • Advanced Training — Live, standardized, in-depth training for one or more attendees on intermediate and advanced topics.
  • Knowledge Blocks — A one-on-one four-hour training program customized to fill specific gaps in an individual’s knowledge of SSCS Technology.
  • Refresher Courses — A self-guided/self-testing course covering the fundamentals of the CDB. Good for new hires that need to get up to speed quickly or for tenured personnel who need a refresher in specific areas.
  • Online Video Training — A generous collection of self-guided instructional tours covering different SSCS features and functions.

Online Help and Documentation

All SSCS Software comes with online help. A comprehensive set of traditional user guides supplements this information.

We should add that new SSCS customers continue their learning path after they receive their initial training certificates. As documented in this past blog post, customer care is handed off to our technical support team for the duration of their professional lives.

If you are a convenience retailer that knows your store needs technology but wonders if you are up to the challenge of learning it, SSCS training and support will get you off to a productive start and remain with you as your questions become more advanced. If you want to know how SSCS training can make your move to technology a comfortable, profitable one, please give us a call at 1-800-972-7727.