The SSCS NACS team just returned from Chicago. Here are some after-show impressions.

SSCS attended the NACS Show in Chicago last week, and our first impressions can be found in last week’s blog post. Now that our team is back, we have a chance to share further perspective, this time from the trade show floor.

While it is true the show was less well-attended than previous—perhaps because people are still getting used to public life outside—it didn’t take long for our representatives to find out that attendee enthusiasm more than made up for lack of numbers.

“The crowd that showed up was a bustling one,” said one SSCS attendee. “You could tell that a lot of the people there were experiencing a new appreciation for the show after being deprived of it for a year.”

The good vibes certainly spilled over to the SSCS booth which was crowded with customers, partners, and prospects. While booth interest was sparked by the giveaway of an Apple Watch, prospects were keen to hear about new and upcoming SSCS technology, including our handheld Lottery Management software.

If there was a hub of excitement at the show, it was undoubtedly the New Products area. Anticipation was especially high regarding a set of recently introduced, rapidly adopted technologies forged out of necessity as a result of COVID-19.  Foremost among them are a new breed of point-of-sale (POS) systems with touchscreen technology you can often hold in your hand. Derived out of increased consumer demand for pickup and delivery, these POS systems make ordering faster and less tethered to a specific spot.

“When you partner with your customers as we do, traffic in the booth often resembles a reunion of sorts,” adds our rep. “Of course we all have something in common, too: finding new ways to generate store profitability.”

Providing a widespread forum to showcase new industry products and services is just one reason NACS is a great place to get a finger on the pulse of the industry, and why the show remains so popular. SSCS was glad to be a part of this one, and we look forward to NACS 2022!