Managing a convenience store’s Lottery inventory is easier with the right tools.

Lottery scratchers are tricky. Profit margins are generally fairly low, some packs become expired or simply don’t sell well, and individual tickets can tempt theft or just go missing. All the same, a good scratcher inventory gets people in the store and helps build a customer base, and more generally, makes gas stations and convenience stores fun.

And while controlling Lottery inventory is challenging, it doesn’t have to be. At SSCS, we’ve been helping gas stations and convenience stores succeed and flourish for 40 years. One of our more recent projects is Lottery Management, a handheld app designed to do just what its name implies. Packaged together with cloud-based software, Lottery Management helps you control Lottery tickets, from the moment they’re delivered to your store, to the moment that you sell them or send them back to your Lottery commission.

After a very simple setup, Lottery Management shows you what’s selling, where it’s selling, what needs to be retired and swapped out, what’s expired, and, if necessary, what’s missing. The app is simple to use. During each shift, personnel working with a designated scanner or cell phone camera simply scan the barcode of the top ticket of each lottery bin. The app does the rest.

Lottery Management is currently in the process of being expanded to function in all 50 US states. The app, along with its accompanying cloud-based software, was developed in collaboration with large enterprises putting them to use in real stores with modern Lottery inventories.

Existing SSCS customers can learn all about how this new program works on our Customer Portal, along with a list of current states supported.

If you’re a customer interested in the app and don’t see your state supported, give us a call. And if you’re interested in Lottery Inventory as a standalone product, visit our company webpage at, or call us at 1-800-972-7727.