Presenting a handful of artifacts from SSCS’s early years.

SSCS was founded in 1981. Our stability combined with our growth and evolving solutions are fundamental strengths of our company.

The know-how we’ve accumulated over the decades is leveraged into our products and customer care approach. Our sustained success is the foundation of our positive reputation in the industry—we weren’t just one of the first companies to market business software to the industry; we were one of the first to market business software, period.

As you might expect, we take a lot of pride in our past accomplishments. Tour our headquarters and you can’t help but notice the selection of photos and images that provide an illustrated guide to SSCS history. We may be a company firmly focused on the future, but we don’t want to forget the journey that got us to where we are today. We treasure our legacy; that professional pride is embedded in our company’s DNA.

A few days ago, in the course of researching a project, we came across a treasure trove of SSCS historical information: an archive of past ads, articles published in the trade press, and other information that helps document the development of our company. It’s interesting to contrast today’s technology buzz with material from this age. Personal computing was still a new concept for automotive-related businesses that were beginning to realize that market conditions were adding unprecedented levels of complexity to their operations. Some of these images may seem quaint now, but at the time they were published their message was poised at the forefront of the industry.

People all over the world prefer to do business with the solid, dependable type. SSCS has endeavored to sustain that kind of reputation for more than 35 years, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve with our customers over the next 35.