SSCS Back Office Solutions

Naysayers will tell you the American Dream has passed on, but they’re wrong. It’s alive and well here at SSCS and it’s reflected in the quality solutions we provide our customers. It starts with our entrepreneurial roots, because what’s more American than that?

Over 30 years ago, the founder of SSCS needed a software solution to help him extend control over his multi-site retail petroleum enterprise. There wasn’t anything available off the shelf to meet his needs, so using his industry expertise and programming experience, he and a few hand-selected individuals started to create the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office software.

Today the CDB helps close to 6,000 customers run their businesses better, and Founder Kerry Lugo, entrepreneur-in-charge, remains an integral contributor to the business, surrounded by an ever-expanding staff of industry professionals serving a global clientele.

Stability is another cornerstone of American life at its best and SSCS has it in spades. It’s headquartered in the same California city in which it started in 1981. Our employees are in it for the long haul, remaining with the company for 10, 20, even 30 years. This kind of long-term relationship between company and employee was once more common in the U.S. than it is now, but it’s what distinguishes SSCS in the market and drives our success. Permanence is important. A steady, successful business means its employees can lay down roots, raise families and enjoy a quality life. This is an essential part of the American fabric. When talented people are doing well, the country is stronger for it.

There’s a practical business side to this stability, too. From development to support to sales we work under one roof creating synergies and learning how to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We can walk down the hall to find out the information we need or hash out gray areas of product design or gather ‘round a desk to solve a customer’s technical issue. It’s the kind of chemistry you don’t get when key departments reside thousands of miles or even oceans away from each other.

SSCS’s success story plays out against a uniquely American backdrop, Salinas, California. An agricultural capital, salad bowl to the world, immortalized in John Steinbeck’s fiction…you may not find amber waves of grain here, but you’ll certainly find spacious skies, rows of artichokes and strawberries, and a rich cultural tradition that isn’t afraid to change with the times. The basics never go out of style and serve as the solid foundation of innovation. Just ask anybody that lives the American Dream. Just ask us, because we are SSCS.