The SSCS Channel: Television for C-Store Operators

SSCS’s YouTube channel may be in its infancy, but it has every intention of growing into a recognizable source of information and entertainment for gas station and C-store operators.

SSCS Videos

By now you’ve probably heard that we’ve launched a reimagined website. If this is news to you, you can read about it here, or better yet, visit it!

There are numerous reasons our new website functions as a step forward for SSCS, not only because of what it provides to visitors currently, but because of how it positions us to offer more value in the future. Its flexible design not only allows us to offer more information than before, but gives us the ability to change what we post with more frequency.

The impact of improved access to content will likely play out many ways. For example, you can now reach this blog directly from the website’s home page.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Today we’d like to share a few words on the influence this likely will have on SSCS’s approach to video production.

Long story short, we intend to place more emphasis on videos as a way to reach our general audience. By now our users know that we’ve produced a set of videos—18 so far—on such subjects as daily work, inventory control, and a handful of advanced topics for power users. All of them were created from scratch in house, aligning with SSCS’s tradition of doing the work ourselves whenever humanly possible. We have a few more in the pipeline, as well, including a four-part set on deliveries and a look at our powerful custom report set.

SSCS C-Store

But since the training videos are a benefit meant only for users, you have to have a Customer Login to see them. So we’ll soon be turning our attention to producing video material for the public-at-large and those who would like to know more about what SSCS is all about.

We haven’t gotten very far in our discussions of the precise nature of what this subject matter might be, much less put together a production timeline, but we have created a YouTube channel featuring a couple of oldies but goodies to keep you appeased until we begin producing new material. In the spirit of providing as much information as we can from the single source of the website, we’ve included a link in the media toolbar at the top of the home page to provide access to it:

SSCS Website Media Toolbar

In the meantime, if you are a visitor to this blog and you have an opinion on the kinds of videos you’d like to see, please post a comment for our consideration. We’d appreciate it!

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