Introducing Our Refreshed, Revamped Website


Hello, everyone! We’d like to call your attention to the refreshed, revamped look of our new corporate website, customer portal, and customer login pages. They’re dynamic, look gorgeous, and simplify access to the rich content that you’ve become familiar with over the past few years.

They’re mobile-friendly, too.

This upgrade has the most impact for SSCS customers. We’ve totally revised our Contact Support page (on the main corporate website, click the Support menu > Contact Support) with an added set of video tools. Created based on feedback from our support department and the voice of our customer base, these short videos cover troubleshooting and other procedures that users may encounter on a regular basis.

Though we’re known throughout the industry for our world-class support department, we also subscribe to the philosophy of empowering the user to help themselves, whenever we can. These videos are a step in that direction. (Note: These are user-only videos that reside behind our portal wall, so make sure you have your SSCS User Name and password at hand. You’ll be asked for them.)

Additionally, we’d like to point out that in preparation for this launch, we went through the user guides and related documentation available on the customer portal (accessed by clicking the User Docs button as shown in the following image), and vigorously curated available content. As a result, we’ve added new documents, updated some others, and removed some that are no longer of use. SSCS customers, when you get the chance, please take a look and see for yourself.

In its over 35 years of existence, SSCS has continually evolved as the industry has evolved to best meet the changing needs of our customers. Our website is a reflection of that upward movement. Take a look around. We hope you enjoy it!

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