SSCS Introduces 19 New Training Videos for Users

SSCS Training Videos

Modular approach to learning covers every component of a convenience store’s daily work process.

Yesterday SSCS released 19 new videos covering every aspect of the Daily WorK process as streamlined and augmented by the Computerized Daily Book, SSCS’s flagship back office system. The videos are available only to SSCS users, and are accessed by logging onto the SSCS Portal.

The series is arranged to be viewed in order, presented in short, digestible modules so that those viewing them can learn at as rapid or leisurely a pace as they like, without missing a beat. The progression is logical, so that learners can take a break and pick up right where they left off.

In addition, the modules of the Daily Work video series are organized into categories based on the customer’s experience, so that new as well as experienced users can find information appropriate to their learning level without hunting around. In all cases, closed captioning is available.

The Daily Work video set is an essential complement to other SSCS training videos that cover direct store deliveries, inventory counts, Transaction Analysis, multi-item promotions, food service management, and custom reports, among other topics. In addition, they have been designed to integrate seamlessly with and be shown during SSCS classroom training.

The goal of SSCS is to create instructional materials and a training program that fit together snugly, with individual parts that complement and reinforce each other. Though our work is far from done, the release of our new video series represents a significant step forward.

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