New Self-Paced Video Instruction Coming Soon from SSCS

SSCS gears up to release three new video courses for different types of users with different kinds of responsibilities.

Supporting our customers means providing the finest training in the industry. And we’re always looking to improve.

For decades, SSCS has provided a variety of instruction types to our customers. From this experience we’ve come to understand that different kinds of users require different kinds of instructional content.

As our industry grows more complex, these responsibilities have likewise grown more complex. Take the diversification of inventory duties, for example. Simply managing the throughput of items from a store can be a full time job, as exemplified by Tahoma Market’s scientific approach to supply chain management. Agencies, manufacturers, and corporate partners are requiring more specific reporting and documentation than ever, whether on item sales for rebates and promotions, or analyzing, organizing, and providing trend data right out of the POS.

With the growing sophistication of the industry, it’s not uncommon for store clerks to need to master the use of POS systems, handheld scanning devices, and methodologies for counting and documenting inventory—a diverse skill set, indeed.

These evolving roles and responsibilities have influenced our approach to training. While our Computerized Daily Book back office software covers every aspect of a C-store operation, we understand that not every user needs to do be proficient in everything. A clerk probably doesn’t run an assets and liabilities report. An accountant isn’t going to be scanning packs of gum to track down missing items.

Because different users need to execute different task sets with SSCS technology, we are busily working on three self-paced courses for release this year: one for site managers, one for clerks, and one for accountants. These are video-based, and will be available (only to users!) on the SSCS portal when complete.

The Onsite Manager course will cover how to order, receive, and regulate store inventories, how to balance books on a daily basis, and how teach managers the basics of accounting and inventory scanning.

The Clerk course will be geared toward replacement personnel who need training to get up-and-running immediately. Participants will learn how to scan items with our applications, the best practices for physical inventory audits, and end-of-shift practices for critical inventory counts.

Finally, our Accountant course will teach users how to use the more advanced bookkeeping parts of SSCS applications, and how to integrate our software with third-party general ledger software.

Besides providing valuable content, these new courses make learning convenient for users. For one thing, they’re self-paced; for another, students can learn when and where they want as long as they have a broadband internet connection.

Reducing the learning curve for new clerks, managers, and accountants is our goal, and that’s what these video courses are designed to do. They don’t replace our required classroom training for new users, but they do provide a way to help get new employees acclimated or as continuing education for existing ones.

Our goal at SSCS is to equip our customers with the tools to flourish in a dynamic industry. These video courses are one example of that. Look for announcements as they become available.


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