Healthy Profits? Think Fresh!

Food Service

So you’re thinking about offering food service at your convenience store. That’s a great idea because according to NACS, food service can contribute over 25% of in store gross profit for C-stores that provide it*. That makes implementing food service seem like a no brainer.

So what should you offer?

Well, it would be great if there was a huge demand for fried canned meat sandwiches with American cheese on white bread, washed down with a tall glass of powdered orange flavored beverage. These products have shelf lives measured in decades, so you’d never have to worry about spoilage, one of the biggest challenges facing food service providers.

The thing is, today’s health conscious consumer demands more than that. They want nutritious choices. A roasted chicken breast sandwich. A taco stuffed with fresh veggies and herbs. Maybe a Chia\Vie fruit smoothie with a side of mixed berries. “Fresh berries are the leading produce items in retail grocery today,” says John Johnston, Driscoll’s blueberry business director. “Progressive retailers are displaying fresh berries as a destination category to attract consumers into their stores”.

That’s great, but remember if you make fresh choices available, you’re going to have to figure out how to offer the freshest food possible, while minimizing spoilage and waste. Fortunately good C-store software can manage your food service inventory down to the ingredient level, minimizing spoilage and fueling your bottom line. Using the right kind of software is absolutely critical to squeezing the most cabbage out of your food service and onto your profit statement.

It’s time to put down that cup of dehydrated beef-flavored noodles and start thinking about where you’re going to install that new deli, taco or salad bar. Your customers will thank you!


*Source: NACS State of the Industry Survey of 2012 Data & CSX, LLC.




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