Bluetooth Label Printing Saves SSCS Customers Time, Builds Profits

SSCS’s complete inventory solution allows employees to roam the store, scanning items and printing updated barcodes at the shelf.

SSCS provides a better way to manage pricing at the shelf by pairing the Zebra® MC3190 and MC3200 Hand Held-Terminal/Scanners (HHT) with a portable Bluetooth thermal printer, perfect for printing labels with adhesive backings.

The resulting solution takes the hassle out of applying bar code labels with updated prices. Bluetooth technology provides a wireless connection between the HHT and the label printer that’s good for up to 25 feet, so employees don’t have to rush back and forth between the items in the store and the office label printer—everything can be taken care of at the shelf. The technology is simple to use, as well: Users scan the item, print an updated adhesive barcode label for it, pull the label from printer (which hooks right onto their belt), and place it in the appropriate location. The gif below shows what we mean (if it is not looping, click directly on the image).

SSCS’s portable scanning solution benefits from integration with the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office software to extend functionality. Price changes made at the shelf can be transferred by the hand-held terminal to the CDB and preserved there. Reduction in manual intervention reduces costly mistakes. The ability to print labels with the latest price updates gives you better control over margin erosion.

Portable printing also helps streamline food service management. Record PLUs into the CDB, send them to the HHT, and the Bluetooth belt printer makes it possible to stand in front of your deli counter and attach labels to wrapped and foiled items before you place them in the display case. The convenience also applies to fresh serve items that come in non-traditional containers without a bar code.

SSCS is pleased to be able to make this solution available to its customer base. If you would like more information, please call (831) 755-1800 and ask for the sales department.

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