The RV Park is the latest place to find professional c-stores that know their markets.

The SSCS blog has written about and witnessed the transformation of the c-store into any number of distinct variations—from upcountry mom-and-pops to mega-highway superstores; from fine dining establishments to purveyors of hunting and fishing gear; from drive-throughs to deliveries. And lots of places in-between.

Like the Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park.

Okay, maybe “RV Park” doesn’t come to mind when you hear, “c-store.” But, you know what? Maybe it should. There’s a “vehicle” in “recreational vehicle,” after all, and vehicles need to be re-fueled. As for drivers and passengers, this kind of “self-contained” approach to travel requires stock ups on food and whatever other necessities are required to keep their vacation moving.

If that all sounds like a job for a c-store, it is.

The marriage of c-stores to RV parks is evolving like the rest of the industry, as retailers work out the details in adapting to the outdoor camping market. Here are a few notable RV Parks with a c-store presence and examples of the merchandise you’ll find in each.

Pecan Park, San Marcos, Texas. This RV park next to the San Marcos River features a well-stocked convenience store on-site, carrying RV essentials and a selection of food, drinks, and camping supplies. You can rent out equipment for adventures on the river here, as well.

Lake George RV Park, New York. Two weeks ago we talked about the allure of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State for road tripping. This RV park is nestled within them. And while it may be an RV park, it is a heck of a water park destination, too—Lake George has family amusement embedded in its DNA. But it also includes a fully stocked inventory of camper supplies, RV parts, and local souvenirs.

Sun Outdoors Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Near the Great Smoky Mountains and Pigon Forge, home to Dollywood, this resort features a convenience store that caters to camping and RV essentials, and rents out equipment like bikes and kayaks.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve, California. This campground to the northeast of San Diego has a general store with RV necessities and a variety of groceries and other handy items such as propane, grilling supplies, batteries, bait, and everything you need to make ‘smores.

Jellystone Park Camp-Resort, Various. Known for its Yogi Bear theme, this park has a ranger station that doubles as a convenience store, offering a variety of items from propane and firewood to groceries and trademark Yogi Bear merchandise. Originally in Wisconsin Dells, the concept is being replicated throughout the U.S., including Lodi, California.

The RV park is just one more location to find state-of-the-art convenience stores with efficient operations and soaring profitability, the kind of success that requires software to support every aspect of the store, including unique inventory items specific to a market.

Whether you’re operating out of an RV park or not, the need for technology remains constant. If you’re looking to move your business forward, and are wondering if there is a suite of programs that can help you grow, we invite you to give us a call at (800) 972-7727 and get some ideas about how SSCS might help you accomplish your goals.