C-stores may not be all things to all people (yet), but they can help consumers scrambling to get their taxes done.

Ah, the tax season. It’s not exactly Thanksgiving, is it? It’s hard to imagine any business, convenience store or otherwise, looking forward to April 15’s approach.

[1] In fact, tax prep is exactly the kind of task that lends itself to procrastination, so we guess we should provide the following public service announcement: it’s only 16 days until the tax filing deadline!

Okay. So the clock is ticking, but don’t panic! The c-store industry is here and ready to assist. From offering snacks to keep you fueled during a long day of filing, to providing tax software or access to helpful resources, c-stores are a valuable asset during tax season. Gas stations, too. Here are some examples.

Circle K. Retail powerhouse and SSCS customer Circle K offers a range of discounts and coupons on popular tax software programs.

QuikTrip. QT, as it is sometimes known, offers a range of financial services, including check cashing, money order sales, and prepaid debit cards.

Wawa. The well-known chain centered in the northeastern United States offers free coffee on Mondays during tax season, to help boost productivity during a long day of filing. They also partner with TurboTax to offer discounted tax preparation software and the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Gas Stations. At least three fuel brands provide some kind of support for tax filers. Shell provides online access to various tax preparation software, which can be purchased directly through their website. ExxonMobil offers a similar service to Shell. So does BP. Customers can choose from multiple software options, including Credit Karma and TurboTax, and prices vary depending on the edition.

While we’re not tax preparers or advisors here at SSCS, we’ve worked hard to make our Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office software place everything you need at your fingertips for filing. We streamline the record keeping, enhance data accuracy, simplify financial management, and automate tax calculation. Not only does this reduce the time required for tax filing, your compliance with government tax requirements and reporting thereof is backed up with all the data you need. Call us at 1-800 972-7727 and we’d be glad to explain with more details!

[1] Convenience stores are particularly complex in this regard, as referenced in this article from CPA Practice Advisor.