We’ve taken a look forward to 2023, and the convenience store industry’s prospects look rock solid.

A few weeks ago we took a look back at the year 2022 in convenience. This week’s post is a complement, as take a look at what to expect for 2023. If you look around you’ll find no shortage of opinions, including those retail enthusiasts that will tell you, “The Future is Now!”

You certainly could build an argument for that, considering the extended reach of the digital world and how it connects consumers and their favorite stores more closely than ever.

But we all know that the evolution of the industry doesn’t stop and never will; it’s an ongoing thing. And though big events may force it to pivot at a moment’s notice, the industry has shown its knack for adjusting, sooner rather than later, so that it can continue forward on a path of progress and growth.

Here’s a sample of predictions and visions for the industry’s short-term future.

  • Convenience Store News takes a look at Foodservice’s prospects for 2023.
  • Hot and cold dispensed beverages are poised to make a comeback in 2023, according to Cstore Dive.
  • As far as prepared food retail for c-stores goes, here are some 2023 predictions from Hillphoenix, a leading supplier of refrigeration systems to the convenience industry.
  • Nielsen makes it their business to, among other things, cover c-store industry trends. They acknowledge a shifting retail landscape for 2023, one that carries great promise for operators that have prepared for it.
  • Forbes, a leading periodical that focuses on finance and investing recognizes the interest in the industry by their specific readership. Here’s what they think it will take to build a convenience store in the near future.

As you can see from the articles cited above, the outlook for the convenience industry is a strong and steady one, with much potential for continuing growth. And though the unexpected can happen at any time, the industry will do what it always does: adapt and move forward. Be assured that SSCS will be right there, too, providing the technology to make it happen in 2023—and beyond.