It’s the time of year to recognize, appreciate, and give thanks for the resilience of the convenience store industry—so we did!

Something about the upcoming holiday season feels more settled than usual . . . a contrast to the uncertainty that’s played out over the past few years.

So let’s give thanks for that!

Now that we’ve put some distance between ourselves and the pandemic, it’s hard not to admire how the convenience store industry came though. It not only adapted for survival (you can find examples in this and other SSCS blog posts, as well as the industry press), but did so by coming up with solutions that also positioned it for future growth.

The resilience of c-stores and their ability to adjust course successfully in the face of the unexpected reinforces our gratitude for being a part of the business, but then SSCS has always been a fan. This is a colorful industry that is good at creating consumer excitement, and while we may be software suppliers by day, we’re consumers all of the time. For us, there’s always something interesting going on in a c-store.

We’re even more thankful for the relationships between SSCS and the c-store professionals we’ve come to know over the years. The technology business doesn’t have to be an impersonal one; our four decades of experience strongly indicate that personal engagement builds partnerships for success. A fringe benefit of working closely with c-store personnel is we get to talk to the best and the brightest in the industry. This deepens our own understanding of their challenges and equips us to address them. Everyone benefits.

The potential and stability of the convenience store industry has never looked more impressive; its reputation never more stellar—not that we expect our customers to rest on their laurels. They’ll keep looking for added efficiency, increased profitability, and better ways to please their customers. As they do, we’ll keep providing the technology to help them meet their goals. The opportunity to do so now, as well as in the future, is something we don’t take for granted. Thank you. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!