Someone might be getting married in your local convenience store, you just don’t know it yet.

The convenience store is influenced by the customers it serves and, when it does the job right, reflects their preferences and lifestyle choices. Over time, it becomes an integral part of each consumer’s life, and that includes being a willing participant in your wedding. It’s not a new development, really, and getting married at the c-store is as popular as it has ever been.

Why marry at a c-store? Sometimes a couple mutually loves a brand enough to take it one step further, like this couple who commemorated their Kwik-Trip wedding with this series of photos, or the new bride that felt the same about Family Mart in Japan and recorded a rather epic video record of the occasion so she can relive it over and over again.

There are those that get married at c-stores because somehow, in the course of their lives, the site holds some other significance. Often it’s a place where the couple first met. Here’s a story about a couple who got married at a Citgo station for just that reason.

A Shell station in Greece was the site for this wedding celebration. It may not be a Big Fat Greek Wedding, but it looks like it was a lot of fun. Farther east, in Thailand, a gas station owner got married, and here’s a photoshoot from it.

There are plenty of other examples around, but we thought it would be appropriate to close with Munch-n-Pump, a c-store in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, that offers the convenience of Munch-n-Pump weddings to any and all takers. Perhaps this is the strongest evidence this trend is as real as real can get.

Marriage can be a wonderful union of two partners, when they’re right for each other. The same can be said of a c-store and their back office software provider. Pick the right partner, and you’ll wonder how you ever got this far alone. Choose the wrong one, and you might be saddled with lifelong regrets.

Such a monumental choice calls for an informed decision. If you’re feeling indecisive about a move to new technology, you’ll find SSCS to be the solid, dependable type, a partner on whom you can depend. Don’t take our word for it, though: call us at 1-800-972-7727 and see what you think.