The truest win-win proposition for the industry is often a charitable one.

In business, the search for a “win-win proposition” never goes out of style. That’s to be expected: true win-wins are as elusive as, well . . . as any of these.

Working in and around the convenience store industry, though, we’ve had a chance to witness more than a few win-wins. Out of all of them, none may be more impactful than the industry’s commitment to charities and philanthropic concerns.

The benefits to the recipients of c-store giving—be they individuals, organizations, or part of the public interest—are usually quite obvious. They’re also quite varied, as we’ll see shortly.

The benefit to the c-store is significant. Besides the morale boost that altruism contributes to a store’s environment and culture, it can elevate the store’s profile in its market. More and more operators understand the value of building strong relationships with their locality. Forging market distinction by lending a helping hand is a pretty great way to do it.

Every act is individual. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the giving side of the industry better than any generalities could.


  • Bolla Market of New York City has its own Bolla Charity Foundation that focuses on different projects in the metropolitan area, currently Building Homes for Heroes.
  • The Hub, a five-site chain in North Dakota, among other community-based activities, selects a Charity of the Quarter program to which $1.00 for Wednesday every car wash is donated.
  • Lyn36 Refuel Station in Minneapolis builds an identity for itself with its contributions to community building, including support of Open Arms of Minnesota.
  • During the deepest part of COVID, Circle K Ireland partnered with the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation to raise funds for home care assistance to stressed out households.
  • A donation doesn’t always have to be monetary. Kum and Go stores partners with multiple regional food banks in multiple states to facilitate the rescue and donation of fresh, unsold food to food-insecure families.
  • For good measure, let’s end with a charity that encompasses the entire industry, 24/7 Day, which supports and recognizes First Responders.

The above provide barely a fingernail scratch into the depths of generosity the industry demonstrates, but don’t worry, you can’t journey too far without finding numerous examples. It’s one of the things that makes the industry great, and we here at SSCS are grateful to have a close view of all the admirable work.