Getting together with other industry professionals in person is a true pleasure we won’t take for granted any time soon.

Though venues across the U.S. have been opening up post-pandemic starting around the time of last year’s NACS, the excitement—maybe even novelty—of meeting others in person for business hasn’t really worn off yet. This was evidenced by the heightened energy SSCS experienced at last week’s PACEshow, the first trade show of our 2022 calendar.

A leading regional show hosted in Kansas City, Missouri, the PACEshow serves as a petroleum and convenience retail hub for Midwestern c-store operators, their suppliers, and other area professionals. It also happens to take place in a part of the country in which you’ll find a large population of our customers. When they stopped by the booth it kindled that sense of reunion you often get at these shows, given a little extra oomph by the fact that we haven’t had the chance to get up close and personal as much as we’ve wanted lately.


There were a share of fresh faces, too, as there always is. PACE is one of our favorite regional events because independent operators make up a sizable percentage of who attends. Given our substantial connection with that market segment and the tendency for its needs to dovetail with what SSCS Technology provides, they were a perfect audience for what we were demonstrating at the booth.

Like we said at the beginning of this post, the trade show season is just starting, so we’ll be all over the country for the rest of the year. While you can always call us at 800-972-7727 and ask technology-related questions, if you’re going to be attending a trade show in 2022 and would like to catch up with us in person, click here to see how our show calendar currently shapes up for the rest of the year. See you soon!