Never underestimate a convenience store’s potential for romance, especially around Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day, a day celebrating romance.

Wine. Roses. Candlelight dinners.

Convenience stores.

Okay, so maybe you don’t picture a c-store when you hear, “Valentine’s Day.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not an integral part of the holiday, even for petroleum retailers that don’t pay for their customers’ honeymoon.

Just ask this couple who got married at a Wawa. Or this one, betrothed at a Speedway. Or these newlyweds, who took their wedding photos at a Kwik-Trip.

The fact is, consumers are poised to spend more than ever on Valentine’s Day this year, and NACS estimates that 87 percent of shoppers will be coming back inside the store, many of them Millennials.

Given the potential of this market, it’s no surprise that at this time of year the industry transforms itself into a destination stop for the romantically inclined who are short on time. You’ll find flowers, fancy chocolates, stuffed animals, small ceramics accented in red bows, and delicious combinations like these Ferro Roche Rose bouquets—all ready to be swept up and carried into the night by star-struck consumers.

Savvy c-store operators also understand that the appeal of Valentine’s Day extends to families and children, so inventories get adjusted to include seasonals like Tastykake Valentine’s Day Mini Donuts and Hershey and Reese’s Valentine’s Treats. C-stores are likewise famous for their seasonal promotions like this one for Stewart’s Shop’s Valentine’s Day Ice Cream. And it should be no surprise that this is a day where candy is king. Just for the heck of it, here are the Takeout’s most popular candies by state all year round.

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