The coldest season is full of opportunities for c-stores, if one knows where to look.

The weather outside may look frightful, but there’s no reason c-store retailing can’t be delightful in winter. The rainy, snowy months may look foreboding with expectations of diminished retail activity, but the season does offer its own unique opportunities for a store owner to maintain healthy sales and create market distinction while doing it.

Convenience store success is all about knowing what customers in your local market want, and wintertime is no exception. Just as an ABC Store in Hawaii has a profusion of sunglasses and tanning lotions, a successful c-store on the way to the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains is going to be stocked up on portable generators and tire chains, with automotive service options you might not find at other c-stores.

There are other examples. A site creating a comfortable, attractive, warm space to serve fresh homemade breakfasts can start the day off right for utility workers and other hard-working winter maintenance specialists. And this store in the Texas Hill Country provides deer corn during the winter hunting season.

Insightful operators also incorporate charitable promotions or events into the Season, creating a win-win, feel good narrative to complement their commercial interests. In short, there’s a lot of ways that c-stores capitalize on the cold months. Here are a few more:

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