As fall leaves tumble to the ground, smart c-stores capitalize on consumer enthusiasm for the season.

Summer’s over; did you notice? Suddenly we’re in the time of orange and brown, Jack-o’-lanterns and nervous turkeys, mulled wine, mini-candy bars, pumpkins, and tree leaves turning, colorfully.

Autumn sometimes takes a back seat to the other seasons, but fall has its share of dedicated fans, not only here at SSCS, but throughout the c-store industry. After all, autumn is the time of Halloween and Thanksgiving, a pair of retail pillars in a season built out of unique and profitable opportunities.

Though Halloween is over a month away, the convenience store industry is already ramping up to take advantage. Here are a few examples related to the trend:

Though it’s still a bit early for this year’s Thanksgiving’s promotions to begin in earnest, here are some stories from the past:

Despite the retail promise of autumn, it takes more than stocking a bunch of seasonal products to guarantee a return for your store. You have to know with certainty what’s selling and what you’re making on each item. You need to view historical performance so you can correctly project an inventory mix for upcoming seasons. If you’re offering promotions and discounts on certain items, you want to track their effectiveness at stimulating profit. And you don’t need to pour over receipts and spreadsheets to find trends, hot products, and slow movers when you could be out trick or treating with your kids or preparing a holiday feast for family and friends.

SSCS has been providing c-store software for over 40 years, and from the beginning it has been our mission to place the sales and inventory information you need in front of you, with the means to organize it in the way that’s most meaningful to you. Automation is the key to seasonal profitability. With more down time and profit, you’ll be able to enjoy autumn like never before!

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