A special, feature length, “Postcards from SSCS.”

Summer is in full swing, as are our SSCS installer-technicians. They’re out on the road in full force, getting new customers up and running on our software.

One perk of using our software is that our customers receive expert technical support, installation, and training every step of the way and into the future, something SSCS customers get to see firsthand when our technicians are out on site working with them. A perk for us is that we, at home, get to travel vicariously through the photos our technicians send back to us.

Over the years we’ve managed to build up a portfolio of images which we share through our daily social media posts in a series called “Postcards from SSCS.” Some of the photos that missed the cut are interesting in their own right.

Case in point: Rock City Gardens. Six miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee, it sits at the top of Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain is iconic. There are plenty of songs about it, and there was a popular YA series in the 50’s and 60’s about a group of local youngsters solving mysteries in its shadow. You can see from this image (taken by one of our technicians, of course) that it is, in fact, pretty awesome!

But there’s more to Lookout Mountain than its majestic exterior. It is also the home to a huge cavern network, discovered in 1928. It’s a magnet for visitors and it’s easy to see why. At the Ruby Falls attraction, you descend 26 stories by elevator, 1,120 feet underground, to see “the deepest underground waterfall open to the public.”

There are plenty of caves and nooks and crannies to explore, too. This one looks a little like an angry dinosaur:

Not that there aren’t brighter places to lose yourself in, if you know where to look for them:

Oh, and we almost forgot: go outside and as a bonus you can see seven states from one vantage point. You don’t get to do that every day!

With the pandemic nearly behind us, we hope to share more “Postcards from SSCS” with you. We have no doubt the road ahead is a promising one.  Call our sales team 1-800-972-7797 and let us know where we should go next.