Providing c-store customers uninterrupted access to technology during this critical time is SSCS’s sole and determined focus.

SSCS is Open for Business

These are certainly interesting times. In a matter of (unbelievably) days, companies have had to re-think their entire approach to business. Adaptability is always key to business growth. That’s true now, more than ever. Petroleum retailers everywhere are showing great adaptability, demonstrating their capacity to innovate under unusual circumstances to keep their stores going during this critical time. It’s great to see convenience stores classified, at the national level, as essential businesses, given the integral role c-stores play in neighborhoods, commuter corridors, metro areas, and underserved communities.

As a technology provider to the industry for close to four decades, SSCS more than anyone understands the importance of our customers. Which is why even as we have had to adjust our own processes and procedures significantly to comply with significant changes in regulation, our full focus remains on providing uninterrupted access to the technology upon which our customers rely while staying connected with them.

Put another way, our mission during these most unusual of times is to provide business as usual, so that when these tough times pass our users come out of it positioned to grow and thrive along with us.

We’re ready to serve. Together we will weather this storm and come out better on the other side.

The SSCS Team