A look at some of the places our SSCS Installer/Technicians have visited on the job.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you likely know that SSCS installer/technicians travel a lot of miles as they get our customers to step get started on SSCS Technology, wherever their convenience stores may be located.

When they are fortunate enough to get a spare moment, our technicians like to adventure into the surrounding areas and spend a little (very little) down time getting familiar with the areas surrounding their installation. We encourage them to strike out as amateur photographers and from time to time we post some of their images in a series we call, “Postcards from SSCS.”

In the process, we have built up quite a backlog of photos, some of them quite distinctive, so for this special edition of the SSCS Blog, we’re going to present their work with a minimum of comments. So here we go:

Topaz Lake, Nevada

Lighthouse, Edgartown, Massachusetts

Columbia River, Kettle Falls, Washington

Columbia Ruver

Colorado Nat’l Monument, Grand Junction

Colorado National Monument

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Montgomery, Alabama

Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama

Our company is growing, which guarantees a continuing stream of photos from the U.S. and Canada. Be sure to follow SSCS on social media so you can be assured a steady stream of “Postcards from SSCS.” And thanks for all our SSCS installer/technicians for being so generous and creative!