SSCS by the NumbersSSCS’s impact on its convenience store customers is quantifiable and real.

Over the years we’ve published our fair share of customer success stories, which are available for you to read on the SSCS website. We also have a collection of glowing testimonials, which you can read here.

These articles aren’t just about what SSCS has done for the customer—although that aspect of the story is certainly part of the mix—rather, they are mini-profiles of what makes each one of our customers and their approach to business unique—and what makes them similar.

Recently we reviewed the content of every story to see if they were still relevant. While we were digging to find the answer (a resounding, “Yes!”) we found it hard to ignore the numbers sprinkled throughout the human interest stuff.

People love numbers when reading a business profile, because it gives them a quantifiable sense of performance—either good or bad. SSCS is no different; the convenience store industry is awash in relevant numbers just begging for analytical measurement, and that exactly what SSCS Technology does. So we thought, just for fun, we’d excerpt numbers from our existing profiles and testimonials to see the kind of positive story they told. See for yourself…

“I’ve had a decade-long partnership with SSCS and it has transformed my company. I can say that the CDB is intuitive, sophisticated, easy to operate, and has helped us develop profitability by adding 3 percent to our bottom line.”

— Mark Jordan
Refuel, Inc.
Charleston, SC

“It took one day of use before Transaction Analysis began to make a positive impact on my business. It’s saved me thousands of dollars a month.

— Gerald Danniel
Liberty Petroleum Distributors
Hartford, PA

After one year we realized a gain of 3% net profit. This encouraged us to invest more in the CDB and SSCS, so now we have 11 stores operating with the full scan system.”

— Robert Hart
Val Smith Petroleum
Blanco, TX

“By using the SSCS inventory solution to its full potential, we managed a 73 percent reduction in our end-of-month inventory adjustments.”

— Bobbi Johnson
Whitetail Crossing
Ho Chunk Nation, WI

“Where Transaction Analysis had the most immediate impact on the Dug Out was its ability to identify theft and take action to resolve it. Within a month we were saving $1500 thanks to Transaction Analysis.”

— Austin Barney
The Dug Out
Spanish Fort, PA

“We noticed almost immediately that each time we put SSCS Technology in a store, our profitability went up. In two years our profitability per store jumped from 18 percent to 25 percent.”

— Charlie Reichenau
Short Stop
Various Locations, TX

“The CDB

[Computerized Daily Book] is a big help because it’s precise about tracking our waste. I can be sure I’m not throwing money in the trash. I’m maintaining a 50 percent margin on pizza and we’re definitely trending upward. I’m not sure I would have tried to offer Food Service without a back office system.”

—Matthew Webb
Webb’s Webb’s Auto & Truck Services, Inc.
Bell Gardens, CA

Well, there you have it. They say the numbers don’t lie, and if that’s the case, the speak volumes about the potential of SSCS for a retail petroleum business. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-972-7727 and ask for sales, or email