A Unique Show and a Great Opportunity

SSCS had the pleasure of recently attending the Southeast Asian American Store Owner’s Association (SAASOA). The show took place on December 1 and 2 at the Pavilion at the Center of Tallahassee, Florida, and is a tangible expression of the SAASOA’s commitment, as stated on its website, to “provide the knowledge, connections, and accuracy necessary to deliver the compelling value (buying power) to convenience and other retail store members.” It’s a family-friendly show, with plenty of activities for children, and takes place on a weekend, in an effort to make it as easy as possible for members to attend.

While buying power is a compelling reason for members to join, the SAASOA takes a complete approach in its efforts to lift member businesses to new levels of success. Part of that mission is exposing members to convenience store automation and technology, which led to SSCS being invited to attend as a preferred provider. “The attendees were a small, select group primed and ready to begin using scan data,” says one SSCS sales rep that attended. “As a result, interest in what we had to offer was high and our booth was packed for the better part of the day.”

Accelerated interest in scan data—sales transaction data with itemized detail captured at the POS—can be traced in part to the rise of c-store industry rebate programs that require the kind of technology SSCS provides, namely our Transaction Analysis solution. “Using scan data can be a game changer for a store because it opens the door to participation in tobacco rebate initiatives that create new streams of revenue,” adds our sales rep. “The direct, specific correlation between utilizing technology and adding profit is front and center. In addition, the tobacco manufacturers have been efficient  in publicizing the benefits of their data-based programs, which adds to the demand.”

“The SAASOA Expo provided a great opportunity to show attendees the solutions we have to bring their operation forward,” explains a second SSCS sales associated attending the show. “And our solution set is positioned so that if Transaction Analysis whets an operator’s interest in further exploring technology, we can introduce them to our back office solution, the Computerized Daily Book, as well as the rest of the technology set we’ve developed to help petroleum retailers be more efficient and grow profits.”

The SAASOA Expo exemplifies the smaller, niche shows that populate and are integral to the ongoing growth and health of the industry by investing in their members’ success and informing them of opportunities throughout the industry. SSCS appreciates the chance to participate.