Sometimes c-store art is hidden in plain sight.

Here at SSCS we’re working on an outward facing project that we’re pretty excited about. It’s too early to disclose the details, but one part of it involves evaluating different images related to c-stores.

As part of the team we’ve reviewed many of these photos and drawings, including the one that leads off this post. We thought it looked cool, and even if we didn’t know what it was, once the design team assured us it was c-store-related, we came to the conclusion that as a decorative graphic, thanks in large part to the perspective from which it was shot.

It made us wonder how many other pieces of convenience store art might be hidden in plain sight, designs that elude us because we are looking in the wrong place or from the wrong angle or with the wrong framing device. We took a quick look through our file of photos to see if there was anything to this assumption, and posted a few.

Some are items you’d find in a c-store, others are decorative bits you might not otherwise take notice of. A few are something else. But they are all c-store related and they are all eye-catching in their own way.

Given that the c-store industry is front and center when it comes to pop culture, it makes perfect sense that they are filled with pop art…you just need to know where to look. In fact, if you are an SSCS customer or associated, you may have seen some of them before.

As for the image that leads off the post…can you guess what it is? Please feel free to drop us your answer in the comments section.