Icons differentiate SSCS solutions from each other. Can you identify them?

Branding is important. Just ask a sugar sprite.

I mean, how else can this charmed population differentiate themselves from pixies, brownies, leprechauns, gnomes, kelpies, fauns, selkies, will o’ the wisps, and all the other types of Fairy Folk competing for visibility in the eye of the general public? Seriously. Until today, had you ever heard of a sugar sprite? That’s what we thought. (By the way, if you want to get up to speed on all the different kinds of fairy folk, this web site is a good reference.)

SSCS likewise understands the importance of differentiating itself in the market, which we do on a daily basis through our superior technology solutions, support, and training. But we also think it’s nice for customers, prospects, and the consumer-at-large to have an image to associate with each—not our company logo, but the icons our art department created to represent our key products. Are you familiar with them? Let’s take a look at each.

Our flagship back office product, Computerized Daily Book, is a good place to start. Its icon includes a stylized report with a pie chart that represents the business information you can retrieve from the system, data that leads to more profits and more efficiency, a concept represented by the dollar sign that intersects with the report.

The icon for our cloud-based, enterprise pricing management system, Central Price Book—a functional extension of the Computerized Daily Book—is represented with an abstracted point-of-sale system, integrated with dollar signs that represent pricing. Sales travel through the POS. Central Price Book helps you control the quality and accuracy of the pricing that rings up at the register by providing control over the enterprise, hence the design.

Our Transaction Analysis solution captures the transactional detail recorded at the POS through a direct feed and organizes it into actionable information using the software’s innate business intelligence and reporting capabilities, including a Tobacco Rebate Export feature that locks in your revenue stream from tobacco manufacturers. Transaction Analysis provides insight using a variety of easy-to-read reporting options, which are represented by the graph and trendlines in the icon.

 Our final icon is our newest, and it represents the different flavors of the poller interface software that we provide. At its most basic, this is the software we create to ensure sales data moves back and forth seamlessly between the POS and the back office. That movement is pretty clearly portrayed on the face of the icon.

From time to time we consider the idea of adding text to our product icons, to make identification more literal, but we continue to let each of these images stand alone to make its own statement. If you have an opinion one way or another, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop a comment at the bottom of this post. We can’t guarantee an audience with a sugar sprite, but we will certainly value your feedback!