Three SSCS Customers Find themselves in the National Spotlight

It’s no secret that SSCS customers are among the most accomplished retail petroleum operators in the industry, and seeing their excellence spotlighted in the industry press never gets old. When the subject revolves around how technology provided by SSCS helps their businesses thrive, it’s even better!

Turns out that’s exactly what happened this week. Not one, but three convenience stores that use SSCS solutions were included in a Convenience Store Decisions(CSD) article, “The Expanding Back Office.” It describes the constantly evolving, expanded reach of the back office system and its benefit to retail petroleum businesses.

Be sure to check it out. Not only does the article provide timely information, it just so happens that our blog has published in-depth business profiles of the three participating customers. If their comments in CSD interest you and you would like to know more about their business, click on their name below to call up a complete success story about them.

In our blog profile of his business, Matthew Webb of Webb’s Auto & Truck Services, talks about how his profitability has increased significantly through SSCS automation and his partnership with Circle K.

In the CSD article, he touches upon his work with SSCS’s Transaction Analysis, SSCS technology that allows him to capture line item transaction data at the point-of-sale as it occurs, review the detail of each receipt, and take action based on the results, such as identifying peak hours, determining what promotions work best, or spotlighting suspicious activity at check out.

And speaking of Transaction Analysis, the CSD article makes mention of how Dave Tooley of Tooley Oil conducts market basket analysis to understand the combinations of items customers favor, which influences what he chooses to stock.

Because it provides receipt-level detail, Transaction Analysis helps provide a foundation for this kind of research.

CSD also talked to Mark Jordan of Refuel, Inc. Mark has a reputation for being an innovator in the tracking and management of convenience store food service, so it’s no surprise the subject came up in the magazine.

As you might expect, Mark leans heavily on technology to keep his auspicious Food Service program on track and profitable. His input proved valuable in the development and refinement of SSCS’s Food Service Management module. Read his SSCS blog profile to find out more about his approach to this important profit center and how SSCS plays a role in managing it.

SSCS congratulates the three highlighted customers, and thanks Convenience Store Decisions for reaching out and crafting an insightful article.