SSCS’s unmatched experience in integrating point-of-sale systems with the CDB back office benefits users in a number of ways.

SSCS customers need to transfer fuel and non-fuel sales data back and forth between their point-of-sale (POS) and Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office system, and they want it with a minimum of hassle and manual intervention.

That’s why we created our poller interface software. It sits between the POS and the CDB, keeping both platforms “on the same page.”

That’s important. When the information in the POS and the CDB are aligned with each other, many positive outcomes result. The timely application of store promotions, identification of fast and slow moving items, distribution of pricing changes, and any number of other critical functions, including transaction level analysis, become available to the operator.

SSCS has been building, supporting, and assisting in the installation of POS interfaces since 1989. As a result, we’re a leader in the industry with an unmatched expertise that our users leverage daily.

The advantages play out in a number of ways.

A POS installation or a store’s upgrade from one POS model to another is a team effort. The store’s decision makers, the POS technician, and our own SSCS support team are involved. Our role is to test and make sure that the POS and the CDB are communicating well with each other and passing information back and forth as designed without disruption to the store’s daily work. Sometimes we do this on site, and often we use technology that allows us to accomplish this from our office. Every time we go through a detailed checklist that makes sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.

There’s no question that one can run into perplexing issues when trying to “hook up” pieces of technology from different companies, but our tenured technicians have seen—if not all—then a large and divergent sample of issues. This positions them to resolve problems efficiently.

Our developers and support technicians also have access to every POS with which we interface in our in-house lab. They can become completely comfortable with each system and perform repeated testing, when needed. It adds a dimension of the familiar and a hands-on practicality to our POS work. It helps us anticipate potential issues before they become problems, even in the most complex looking situations.

Having a thorough understanding of multiple POS platforms allows us to provide POS conversions for customers, a service in which we convert a customer’s price book from their old POS to their new one with minimal disruption. You can read more about this seamless transfer service here.

We should also mention the importance of our long-standing partnerships with the POS providers. From these relationships we’ve developed a good sense of what future enhancements and specifications these vendors have in store. This allows our development department to prepare accordingly while optimizing communication during an installation or POS upgrade since SSCS and the POS provider share a practical understanding of the nomenclature, specifications, and process detail. Should something unusual arise, this shared context helps us get to the bottom of the issue sooner.

The constructive dialog fostered between ourselves, the POS suppliers, and the decision-makers at the site continues long after the installation, just one example of the customer care for which SSCS is so widely known. As one of our most experienced installers puts it:

SSCS understands that this is a relationship-based business and that partnerships fuel success for our customers and, by association, ourselves. Our goal is to provide seamless data flow between the front of the store and the back of the store that is predictable, non-intrusive to daily operations, and creates the potential for significant revenue growth. We’ve forged our reputation through providing the best support in the industry, and POS integration is one of the very best examples of this.”

If you would like to see what POS systems SSCS supports, please visit this page.