Welcome to NACS 2015!

Our team just finished selling solutions and making connections at the industry’s premier event. Here are a handful of photos they took while they were there.

Haven’t had a chance yet to talk to the SSCS associates that attended the 2015 NACS show in Vegas, but we did manage to get our hands on a few of the photos they took. Let’s start with one of our booth in the hours of anticipation before the show actually begins.


The above emptiness marks quite a contrast to the scene that occurs once the show doors are thrown open and industry professionals from all over the world come pouring in. It keeps our reps busy, which we like very much.

SSCS Booth

Here’s another photo of our team in action at the booth:

If you visited us during the show, you may have seen the promotional loop video playing in the midst of the goings-on (see photo at left). In the next few weeks we will be making a few enhancements to this video and dividing it in parts.

Loop Video Playing in Booth

The goal is to make it available to the general public via the SSCS YouTube channel. There will be three discrete videos covering three product sets. Even if you don’t know anything about SSCS you’ll be able to get the gist of our products’ strengths in these short, informative videos. We’ll let you know when they become available.

To give you a feel of how full of stimuli the NACS show contains, here’s a shot taken outside our booth on the floor. It gives you an idea of the NACS show’s unique flavor and the diverse types of vendors exhibiting there:


Over the next few days we’ll be in conversation with those that attended to get their impressions of the show and what excited or interested them most. When we come across information of general interest, we’ll make sure we post it. Talk to you soon.

Neon Las Vegas