Well, Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. Go-Go’s, the mascot convenience store of this blog, knows it well. You can tell that they’re primed for the day by all the promotional signage they’ve placed on the outside of their store (see above). That’s red-headed Mary in the window making sure that everyone who passes by knows that C-stores mean love, and with the right promotions, healthy profits. (It’s good to know that Mr. Habib and the rest of the Go-Go’s staff is doing well, given their strange, traumatic encounter last Halloween.)

We were doing a little research on the connection between Valentine’s Day and the C-store, and found that a horde of accomplished and aspiring writers and artists favor the C-store as a setting for love at first sight, breakups, and everything in between. One of our favorites was this comic page by an Australian artist that goes by the name Lara. Who knew that our industry was such a catalyst for romance?

A couple of cats like to hang around Go-Go’s, and as you can see they’ve gotten in the mood for a little kitty love. While they seem to be doing okay, there are a lot of pets hanging out at the C-store because they have nowhere else to go. That’s sad. But here’s a heartwarming story about one such homeless kitty that was rescued from a C-store in Japan, video included!

Speaking of Love and C-stores, most everyone in the industry is familiar with the C-store chain bearing that name. But did you know that founders Tom and Judy Love started with just one gas station in 1964, and that their enterprise is still family run? A summary of their self-made achievements is available here.

When Avi Ghandi lost the lease on his C-store, a whole community responded in a most unusual and affecting way. See how they showed their appreciation for this Levittown, New York institution. The reaction of these customers is an expression of love by any measure.

Well, that about wraps it up for this Valentine’s Day, as we prepare to head down to romantic Big Sur with Mrs. Blog. (One of the perks of living in Salinas is that Big Sur is less than an hour’s drive away). In case you’ve been naughty, and haven’t picked up anything for your significant other, here’s a few tips for last minute shopping from Canadian-based Mac’s C-stores, cousin to our corporate partner, Circle K.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at SSCS.