Promotions that aren’t full of empty calories.

Tuesday was National Teacher Appreciation Day and there’s definitely a connection between the C-store industry and educators. It goes beyond the fact that the apple your child buys for your teacher could very well come from a C-store. Looks like all those healthy choices are really paying off!

But we digress.

You know how we’re always talking about our industry likes to give back and demonstrate its willingness to do so every chance it gets? We even wrote about that characteristic some time back.

Well, it turns out that C-stores do a lot to support the teaching profession, and this week seems the perfect time to celebrate some of the notable ways they do so. It’s kind of inspirational.

Chevron creates a win-win for its retail outlets by sponsoring an Annual Fuel Your School campaign that provides funding for eligible classroom projects developed by public school teachers. Read more about it here.

Last year, the VPS Convenience Store Group partnered with the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program to award $30,500 in grant funding to 61 schools. Read more about it here.

One Stop, a chain of C-stores headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia, secured grants for 28 West Virginia schools through the Educational Alliance program. Read more about it here.

The Loaf ‘N Jug chain continues to help sponsor teacher recognition awards in Wyoming. Read more about it here.

The Stripes® chain of C-stores provides grants that help teachers get their students to learn about fresh vegetables. Read more about it here.

In addition to the inherent positives that come with any benevolent act, this forged partnership between C-stores and educators benefits the retail businesses that participate. It gives schools a first-hand, authentic look at how the C-store landscape is changing for the better, with a new and emphatic emphasis on providing healthier foods for our children. This is one kind of promotion that is definitely not full of empty calories.