Are we having fun yet?

The most successful technology companies are referred to as “innovators”. But what does that mean?

Some say it’s “thinking out of the box”. But what does that mean?

And once we find a definition of innovation that works for us, will we also find that it’s necessary for success, as so many think?

These questions are too large for this blog, but if you’re in the technology business, they’re pretty relevant. Innovation isn’t magic, after all. We should be able to describe it, right?

When we dabbled in some light Internet research, it didn’t take us long to find repeated connections: innovation and fun; and innovation and play. Childlike characteristics.

It made me think: you know how you always hear that children come naturally to imagination and creativity, and that these traits gradually erode under the demands of an increasingly pragmatic world. That might not be so great if: a) innovation depends upon the retention of childlike characteristics; and b) innovation is a driving force for success.

In the Spirit of the Season, which celebrates many kinds of rebirth, those of us in the technology industry might want to take the time to get in touch with our inner child and rejuvenate our creative side. At worst it’ll be a blast and at best it might lead to bigger and better things.

In the meantime, we’d like to ask our readers how they define innovation. Is a childlike frame of mind really necessary? Feel free to respond to this blog with your opinion, so we can share it with other readers.