The retail petroleum industry continues to prevail, adapting to the shifting dynamics and preferences of the market, incorporating innovations at a fevered pace to ensure success.

Leading the way is the C-store and its impressive, if not staggering, evolution. Food service and fresh offerings have become staples. QSRs are common additions. Large format, upscale stores are incorporating anything from free trade coffee bars to drive-through windows to in-store, sit-down restaurants. Progressive retailers are meeting consumer needs like never before, without forsaking the core attraction of the C-store model: efficiency of service.

As a result, the industry continues to thrive, as evidenced by its growth. Additions, acquisitions and mergers abound. The future looks bright, and that’s something for which we at SSCS are thankful.

While we aren’t retailers, we do provide solutions to the industry, which means we’re only as successful as our customers. In turn, our mutual achievement depends on the robustness of an industry we’re committed to support (together with wholesalers, suppliers, vendors, and others).

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that we are part of a long-term industry success story with unconstrained potential. Such an oversight is especially possible in the heat of daily battle, when you’re putting out fires and determining how to keep your customers ahead of the game.

But we shouldn’t discount the industry’s good health, because in this day and age thriving industries are at a premium. We all know the economy continues to shape-shift, reinventing itself for better or worse. That the retail petroleum industry remains on more than solid footing should be appreciated—after all, our families and loved ones depend on it either directly or indirectly.

This Thanksgiving, whether you’re part of the industry or work for a partner to the industry, it may be appropriate to take a few moments to reflect on the opportunities it’s provided you and yours. SSCS is certainly thankful for all our customers, without whom we could not exist. We wish them, and the rest of our colleagues, all the best this holiday season.

After all, the best is yet to come.