NACS 2014

The C-store is a microcosm of America, reflecting what we like and mirroring who we are.

But part of the industry’s DNA is also international in scope. Those needing proof need only attend the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show®, our industry’s premier event, taking place from October 12–15 In Atlanta. It’s a cultural melting pot in the best sense of the word.

That aspect of the NACS Show is one of the reasons why SSCS loves having a booth there (this year, it’s booth #3517). Sure it’s a great show for many other reasons. We get prospects and show off our solutions. We see old friends and meet new ones. We learn new things and we inform others about concepts that can lead to their success. And you can’t discount the impact of seeing the latest and greatest products from suppliers spread out over 390,000 square feet of floor space.

Still, for us, it all comes back to the people—24,000 from 65 countries to be exact. It’s the ultimate international marketplace.

You hear English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and dozens of other languages, in as many dialects as there are speakers. Cell phone conversations extend all across the globe—to Bangladesh, Brazil, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and all corners of the earth.

CEOs of international corporations chat with ambitious new store owners wanting to partner with or be part of their far-flung enterprises. Coveralls mix with turbans, dishdashas flow alongside Armani suits, and handmade sandals stride forward locked in step with patent leather loafers.

It’s actually sort of awesome.

Everyone who’s ever worked at a convenience or fuel retailer has at least had the passing thought that this business brings together people from all walks of life. At the NACS show, this togetherness is apparent on a global level. We’re all part of something bigger.

Atlanta is gorgeous this time of year. We hope to see you there.