Creating Next Level Instructional Tools

Our Physical Inventory video series signals an exciting new phase in the evolution of SSCS training materials.

The SSCS Video Series

This week SSCS was pleased to release a new series of eight physical inventory training videos to our customers, a complement to our current video set covering the Computerized Daily Book (CDB).

In a total running time of approximately 80 minutes, our creative team managed to cover the entire physical inventory process from end to end, conceptually and procedurally, with additional material on trickier, lesser known inventory best practices. Not only are the videos informative; they present the material in a lively fashion, using graphics and animation to engage the audience. We’ve included a handful of screenshots to give you an idea of the series’ visual flavor.


We’ve previously discussed how having all departments under one roof provides SSCS many advantages. Ongoing, real time, cross-departmental collaboration tops the list, and our latest videos certainly benefited from shared information and inspiration. Though our creative team produced and directed the segments, they did so in concert with the training, support, and quality assurance departments, allowing subject matter experts to come to a quick consensus on subject matter and course organization. Conversations could be held on a moment’s notice; we avoided telephone tag and never had to fret about the availability of a remote colleague.


Our goal at SSCS is to provide many varieties of training so we can effectively address the different ways customers learn. We provide classroom instruction, web-based advanced training, printed user guides and PDFs, online help, outreach through social media, and video. Most of these formats complement each other to some extent and in the months ahead we’ll be working diligently to make our instructional tools more integrated than ever, making it easier for new and experienced users to succeed with our products. That’s exciting.

If you are an SSCS customer and are interested in delving into the new series, log onto the SSCS Portal ( and click the large video slide. As always we encourage your feedback.


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