New Video Available from SSCS

Gas Station Software Video
“What Is the Computerized Daily Book?” Ready to View on the SSCS Website and SSCS YouTube Channel

The SSCS creative team has been producing a lot of videos lately, but so far—with few exceptions—they aren’t available to the general public because they contain training content exclusive to SSCS users (one of the considerable benefits of being an SSCS customer, we may add).

We’ve promoted this effort several times on the blog and it makes us a little self-conscious when we do, since we know many SSCS social media followers aren’t (yet!) customers and don’t have the opportunity to check out our video productions.

We’re happy to say all that changed yesterday when we made available a video we’ve developed for all audiences. It describes clearly, in an engaging way, the features and benefits of our flagship convenience store and gas station software, the Computerized Daily Book. You won’t need to clear your calendar to find time to watch it, either—it gets the message across in just a few minutes.

This video is available both on the SSCS corporate website (—look in the lower left hand corner of the home screen) as well as the SSCS YouTube channel. If, after you take a look at it, you have any questions or comments, feel free to do so in the comments section of this blog post.


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