The Overlooked Superhero

Tow Trucks

Thanksgiving. You just spent a wonderful day in the country with your family, but now it’s time to venture out into the darkness of a cold, wet, windy night. You’d like to stay; the turkey, side dishes and dessert you crammed into your belly are calling you to Dreamland, but you don’t have that option. Your boss, in the spirit of being a Scrooge, has scheduled an important meeting first thing tomorrow.

You call out your goodbyes through the downpour, then waddle out to the car. You climb in and turn on the ignition, kicking off the four-hour drive home. It’s tough, but you valiantly battle drowsiness through heavily-lidded eyes until it happens . . . a deer appears in your headlights.

You slam on the brakes and skid, thinking, “I should have replaced these bald tires.” It’s too late, though. In an instant the car’s off the road lunging into a muddy ditch. You try to back out, but your wheels spin in place. You aren’t going anywhere soon.

Fortunately, you have a superhero on speed-dial, one who can lift you right out of this mess. If you’re not sure who we’re talking about, it’s no surprise because the public often overlooks this particular superhero: the tow truck driver.

Tow truck operators work day and night, every day of the year, rain or shine, snow or sleet. When that driver gets dispatched to you, he’s going to have to expertly navigate the same treacherous roads you did and extract you and your vehicle safely from that ditch, all with a smile on his face.

Like all worthy heroes, these professionals don’t do it for fame or fortune; they do it because of their dedication to help people in need. Whether you’re stranded on the side of a dangerous road or have locked the keys and the baby in the car on a sweltering day, you can count on a tow truck to save the day!

When one thinks about acts of heroism, tow truck drivers may not come to mind like fire fighters, police officers, paramedics and soldiers. But when you find yourself stranded out on the road and need a Knight in Shining Armor or a Tow Princess to rescue you, you’ll see just how super these heroes really are!

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