The Latest SSCS News and Updates

We’re beginning to move deeper into summer and—what do you know?—half the year is over. Since that’s the case, this seemed like a good time to touch base with readers regarding what’s been going on here at SSCS.

Our SSCS portfolio of products continues to evolve, with key additions and refinements. A point of recent emphasis has been the Tobacco Rebate Export and Tobacco Rebate Import programs, which after a one-and-done setup provides a new and steady stream of tobacco-generated revenue running in the background as you take care of business up front.

We recently released Version 2.6.7 of our HHS2 Application for recording DSDs and Inventory. The software, which runs on a rugged hand-held computer and scanner, now displays the run rate for items (for a user-determined period of time), which is an invaluable contributor to purchasing decisions. In addition, HHS2 2.6.7 added buydown handling and improved lookup and editing on the device.

In other new software release news, SSCS began rolling out Computerized Daily Book (CDB) 7.5.29 this week. A complete list of features is forthcoming and will be available to customers on the SSCS Portal. Highlights include a Spoilage and Waste report, the ability to print barcodes showing buydown prices, and a more specific and granular application of vendor pricing during the EDI conversion process.

Operator input continues to influence and drive SSCS software development, as we capitalize on the relationships we have with customers and their collective reservoir of knowledge and experience. It’s the natural evolution of a partnership that begins with the first pre-installation call.

If you have any questions, please reach us at 1-800-972-7727.

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