SSCS Releases CDB 7.5.22

SSCS has started distributing the latest release of the Computerized Daily Book (CDB), version 7.5.22, to customers. Let’s take a look at some of our flagship back office software’s featured enhancements.

Poller News

Introducing GP-Poll

Our SSCS Poller Interface Software—what we often call, “Poller” for short—makes it possible for the leading point-of-sale (POS) systems in the industry to post sales information to the CDB back office software, where the data can then be incorporated into daily work calculations.

As new POS systems enter the market with regularity, we have to make sure we stay on top of their requirements so we can keep building the interfaces on which our users rely.

A number of our customers have started using Gas Pos, a cloud-based fuel point-of-sale (POS) system that accepts fleet cards and other methods of frictionless payment. In response to this trend, our engineers have been busy in the lab over the past months coming up with an interface to Gas Pos from the CDB, and Version 7.5.22 makes available to interested customers the fruits of their labors: GP-Poll—a worthy addition to our comprehensive slate of POS Interfaces.

P-Poll handles fractional quantities

In addition to coming up with completely new interfaces like GP-Poll, SSCS is obligated to make sure that the CDB can exchange data with existing POS systems as those systems evolve and improve over time.

Our latest enhancement for Passport users—and more specifically, to the P-Poll software that unites the Passport with the CDB—allows users to take advantage of the POS system’s new ability to record the sale of items with fractional quantities for products like propane. Once the new feature is set up correctly, the need to re-type fractional quantities becomes a thing of the past.

EDI Enhancements

Over the past few releases you may have noticed a string of functionality additions to our EDI processing for delivery and inventory files. CDB 7.5.22 is no exception.

You may now map multiple vendors when setting up an EDI transaction. We’ve reduced the typing mapping takes, as the CDB EDI module will now populate the Supplier (Vendor) ID boxes with vendors from the last 30 days of EDI files.

In addition, you may now map multiple EDI Accounts to their corresponding CDB Expense Accounts when setting up an EDI transaction. Again, to speed completion of mapping, CDB populates expense and related information for the last 30 days of EDI files.


More enhancements are available in CDB 7.5.22. Users can find a complete list at Please remember, before you can access this material you will be asked for your SSCS User ID.

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