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Increased Integration with Leading POS Systems a Focal Point of Computerized Daily Book 7.5

The latest release of SSCS’s back office software adds flexibility and precision to the transfer of sales information between register and back office.


                For more information, contact:
Al Stoeberl, Vice President Sales and Marketing
(831) 755-1800 ext. 4721

Salinas, CA, July 22, 2015 — Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) announces the release of the Computerized Daily Book™ (CDB) 7.5, the latest version of SSCS’s flagship back office system for C-stores and gas stations.

SSCS provides the most POS interfaces in the industry. The software, which transfers sales information between the register and the CDB, evolves on a continuous basis. CDB 7.5 features improvements and expanded functionality that help address the developing capabilities of the industry’s leading POS systems.

Users of the Comdata SmartDESQ, Wayne Nucleus, Gilbarco Passport, and NCR Radiant can now set up items to be recognized and processed as EBT for exceptional cases, adding flexibility to the POS Interface software’s department-based EBT handling methodology.

Similar flexibility has been added to the CDB’s POS Interface software for product code handling with the Wayne Nucleus, Gilbarco Passport, and NCR Radiant. As is the case with the program’s EBT handling, this feature allows the processing of product codes that fall outside a POS department designated for them, such as manual fuel.

CDB 7.5 includes two other POS interface enhancements. VeriFone Ruby Super System/Topaz users can now post fuel totalizers to the CDB, and NCR Radiant users can set up InComm card default terms and conditions for processing if the card is not defined as part of a larger giftcard department at the POS.

“Our poller interface software may seem esoteric at first glance, but the seamless passage of information back and forth between POS and back office is a core benefit for users and a basic strength of our system,” states SSCS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Al Stoeberl. “With POS partners consistently improving the methodologies they use to identify and process specific types of information at check-out, it’s our obligation to make sure our users can leverage these in the CDB without adding undue complexity to their daily work. CDB 7.5 is a demonstration of that commitment.”

Other notable, non-poller-related features of CDB 7.5 include:

  • The ability, from a corporate headquarters site, to distribute the financial impact of an expense across multiple sites.
  • The ability to run a report for sales on a tax forgiven basis (Gilbarco Passport and Comdata SmartDESQ users).
  • Improved precision for tax reporting in the Calculated Department Tax Totals of the Liability additions report.
  • Changes to the Site Liability Additions report: The Calculated Department Liability Sales Tax is now a sum based on sales tax plus local tax, while the Sales Tax Calculated is a sum based on the Collected Fuel Tax Total plus the Calculated Department Liability Sales Tax.

CDB 7.5 is available now. For more information about the application and other SSCS solutions please contact Al Stoeberl at the above listed number.

About SSCS: Headquartered in Salinas, California, Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) is a leading supplier of back-office management and automation solutions to retailers in the convenience store, auto repair, and fuel wholesaling industries. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in the industry, SSCS also provides franchise solutions to some of the largest oil companies in the industry. The Computerized Daily Book (CDB), the company’s flagship software program, has been installed in over 15,000 retail locations.

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