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Fast Deployment Leads to a Rapid Succession of Central Price Book Enhancements

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SSCS customers will be pleased to know that a fast succession of releases has resulted in several new enhancements to our web-based Central Price Book application.

Central Price Book provides cloud-based enterprise-level pricing control for users of our Computerized Daily Book back office application. From a single location users can update and transfer prices throughout the enterprise, or to and from zones the user establishes to segment stores by geography or other pricing-based classifications.

We’re striving for timelier and timelier deployment at SSCS, and the Central Price Book development cycle is a nice example of our success to date—three releases in the last quarter alone resulting in the following features:

Version 3.4.2 — 12/9/2015

  • We added a Current Prices report that shows the items that are recorded with multiple prices in CPB in a user-defined pricing zone, filtered down by selected criteria. If this pricing turns out to be erroneous, the feature also allows you to choose one of the displayed prices and make it uniform for the zone with the click of a button.


Version 3.4.1 — 11/30/2015

  • A Disable Item Group Management check box was added to allow users to prevent Item Groups from being added or edited in Central Price Book, meaning all such Item Group Maintenance reverts to the Computerized Daily Book.

Version 3.3 — 10/12/2015

  • We added date stamps to the Pricing Event Calendar, meaning that you can initiate more than one future pricing event on the same day. A future pricing event is a price-driven promotion that has a finite start date.


  • Added the ability to add users to distribute changes to sites automatically using the Scheduled Tasks feature of the Computerized Daily Book. This way users don’t have to remember to push their updated prices to Computerized Daily Book.

Current SSCS customers may access a complete list of Central Price Book enhancements on the SSCS portal. If you are not a current SSCS user and want more information about the application, please contact Al Stoeberl at or (800) 972-7727 ext. 4721.

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