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SSCS Hand-Held Scanning Solution Now Supports Label Printing at the Shelf through Integration with the Zebra QLn220 Portable Printer

Salinas, CA, August 25, 2014 — Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) announces the latest version of its complete system for scanning and updating inventories at the item level, Hand-Held Data Processing (HDP) 6.4 incorporating Hand Held Software (HHS) 1.4. The software will start rolling out to SSCS customers in upcoming weeks

The release contains a selection of productivity improvement enhancements including integration of the Zebra® Technologies QLn220™ portable printer with the Motorola® MC3000 series hand-held terminal, SSCS’s preferred inventory scanning device.

Zebra Technologies QLn220 Label Printer

Zebra Technologies QLn220 Label Printer

HDP is a proven solution for inventory management control thanks in large part to its pairing with the Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office system, a software combination that keeps pricing current whether the latest changes come from an EDI delivery or as part of a Direct Store Delivery. The addition of portable printing capabilities completes the system by allowing the generation of adhesive bar code labels for any item displayed on the scanning device wherever work takes place—a price management solution users can carry with them wherever they go.

“You not only get improved accuracy but improved flexibility as the QLn220 can hook right into an inventory specialist’s belt,” explains SSCS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Al Stoeberl. “When you locate items with a price increase, simply print a label to reflect the increase, which prevents margin erosion. If you have a Food Service program, you can stand in front of your deli counter and attach labels to wrapped and foiled items before they are placed in the display case. It’s a major time savings that gives you more time to manage profitably.”

Other advancements in this release of the HDP system include support for setting up and calculating redemptions as extended costs in the hand-held device and the ability to track discounts as separate entities during a Direct Store Delivery.

For a more complete list of new HDP enhancements and other information pertaining to the new software versions, please call Al Stoeberl at (831) 755-1800 ext 4721 or e-mail him at

VS-Poll Poller Interface 2.1 from SSCS Compatible with the VeriFone Commander Site Controller and Ruby Ci

Computerized Daily Book back office program records electronic POS information for quick conversion from sales records using Sapphire XML files.

Salinas, CA, August 27, 2014 — Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) announces the introduction of the VS-Poll Interface 2.1 for VeriFone’s Commander Site Controller and Ruby Ci. The new product functionality allows convenience store owners to capitalize on a POS which supports 64 or 16 fueling points (respectively), EMV (smart credit cards which have a chip for better fraud prevention), and tools for remotely programming the POS configuration from the cloud. VS-Poll’s current compatibility with VeriFone’s Sapphire point-of-sale (POS) system remains unchanged.

VeriFone Commander Site Controller

VeriFone Commander Site Controller

The VS-Poll Interface passes sales and configuration data between the store’s Commander/Ruby Ci system to the SSCS Computerized Daily Book (CDB) back office system and makes sending and receiving large amounts of data easy. When the PC and POS are at the same location, data is passed between the Commander/Ruby Ci and a networked PC running VS-Poll. If the Commander/Ruby Ci is at a different location, data may be streamed between the controller and the networked PC using the WAN port of the VeriFone Zone router configured by a VeriFone authorized service contractor (VASC).

Only a few simple steps are required to retrieve fuel and non-fuel sales data generated by the POS. Posting data to the CDB is easy, too. In addition, users can program the Commander/Ruby Ci with new prices from the PC accessing the CDB, whatever its location. The same workstation can define new site parameters and prices for all the operation’s Sapphire, Commander, and Ruby Ci controllers, assuring uniformity among sites and significantly reducing the time required to make changes. Best of all, this additional functionality does not disrupt work flow at the POS.

“Fuel retailing has grown more complex and operators need sophisticated tools that add efficiencies without getting in the way of how they do business,” states SSCS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Al Stoeberl. “The VS-Poll Interface addresses this requirement by facilitating tight management control from the convenience of a central location. It’s also a great way for CDB users to leverage the powerful features of the Commander and Ruby Ci.”

About SSCS, Inc.: Headquartered in Salinas, California, Service Station Computer Systems, Inc. (SSCS) is a leading supplier of back-office management and automation solutions to retailers in the convenience store, auto repair, and fuel wholesaling industries. Leveraging 33 years of experience in the industry, SSCS also provides franchise solutions to some of the largest oil companies in the industry. The Computerized Daily Book (CDB), the company’s flagship software program, has been installed in over 15,000 dealer locations. Please visit SSCS on the Web at

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